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Reasons Why You Need to Shift to a Dedicated server

In the digital world, you will only succeed when you have an online presence. Everybody is going online and you should not be left behind because all your customers are also online. There are many steps that you have to follow when setting up your online business. The first thing you need to have an online presence is to create a website. 

Before your site can be up and running, there are many things you need. One of them is a web hosting service. When you are just getting started, you may not put much thought on the hosting platform you choose. As such, shared hosting can be an appropriate choice. There is no much need for the resources and your site can run without any glitches. Shared hosting is also affordable for small business owners with less traffic.

However, with time your business will grow at an unexpected rate. The shared hosting will not be enough to meet all your needs. When you encounter such growth you have to move to another hosting platform. The dedicated hosting in Germany is the most effective hosting platform for large businesses. The problem knows when it is the right time to shift to the dedicated server. 

So, how do you know when it is the right time to shift to another hosting platform? 

There are some things that you should look out for to know when the time is right to upgrade to another web hosting plan. Here are a few pointers that will guide you. 

Are You Facing Poor Loading Time?

Time is money and you need to spend it wisely. Your stand business to make money and when you do not provide customers with what they need they will go to your competitors. One of the things that make visitors go to a site is the loading time. No visitor will spend time on a site that takes long to load. Visitors will not wait for even a minute for a site to load. Most visitors expect a website to load within two seconds. If it takes any longer than that they will go to another site. Loading time is important because even Google uses it for search engine optimization purposes. 

  • The sites will poor loading have a lower ranking on the search engine. 
  • You do not want your site to be on that list. 
  • When you are on shared hosting, you will be sharing your resources with other websites. 
  • RAM and processing power are shared by many websites. 
  • In case many websites have heavy traffic, it can lead to server downtime. 
  • When you notice that your site is loading slowly, then you should shift to a dedicated server. 
  • With a dedicated server, you do not have to worry about the loading time. 
  • You get faster performance because you have all the resources to your website only. 
  • It is only your site that will be using the server’s resources. 

When you need better security? Don’t choose anything else

Your client’s needs are very important and you should put it into consideration. It is especially true when you handle credit card information and other sensitive information for your customers. Security is of utmost importance whether you run a brick and mortar or online business. In the digital world, security is crucial when you are dealing with customer data. If such information gets into the wrong hands, it can cause trouble. With shared hosting,

  • You have to rely on the security protocol of the hosting company. 
  • In case the hosting company does not update its security protocols on time. 
  • It can expose your site to cyber attacks. 
  • Going for dedicated hosting, you will be able to set up the security protocols. 
  • Thus, you can create an optimal security barrier that is suitable for your business needs.  

Get Better Control

At times, you just need to have full control of your server. However, that is not possible with shared hosting. In shared hosting, you will have to follow all the guidelines that have been set up by the hosting company. You cannot make any decision on some important aspects of the server.

  • If you feel like you need to have more control of your server, then you should consider going for a dedicated server. 
  • A dedicated server gives you control of the maintenance, security, management, and performance of the server. 
  • You will be able to give your clients access to the servers. 
  • When your clients are happy, you will get more business. 
  • More control in your hands allows you to tailor the services to meet your client needs. 

When you have high traffic

When you properly manage your site, with time your efforts will pay off. You will start receiving many clients to your site. When the traffic to your site has increased, you know it is time to move to a better hosting platform.

The high traffic is a sign that you need to shift to dedicated hosting. You just have to keep monitoring your traffic to know the best time to move. It is time to upgrade when your visitors become more than one thousand. It is only right to get a dedicated hosting that will keep you in control of the server. 

Unable to run scripts

One of the aspects of having a server is being able to run scripts. It will not be possible to do that when you are on shared hosting. At times programming can be very complicated. You have to shell scripts and ensure that the server-side code has enough resources. There are many things that can affect your site’s performance. The sharing hosting does not have custom programming option and hardware limitations. However, that is not the case with a dedicated server. A dedicated server gives you the option to the software you prefer, install tools and customized specifications. The dedicated server gives you the freedom to do anything you want on your server. 


When want more space, choose dedicated server

You may want to migrate to hosting in Germany when you require more disk space. You may need to run software applications that cannot be possible on a shared platform. 

  • Dedicated hosting gives you plenty of disk space since the resources are only meant for your website. 
  • You can do anything you need without worrying about space. 
  • You will have better speeds when you have more bandwidth. 
  • You get RAM and processor that is only for your site. 
  • A dedicated server gives you the much-needed space for your website. 
  • You can do anything on your server.  

Even though migrating to a dedicated will cost you a bit more than you were previously paying, it will be worth it in the long run. You will benefit from the flexibility, more control, high performance, and more bandwidth. When choosing a dedicated server, you need to look for a company that will deliver as per your site needs. Upgrading to a cheap server hosting in Germany will bring more benefits and improve your business. The company should be capable of managing the server to suit your site’s needs.  You will get value for your money when you go for the dedicated hosting.